Rock Climbing pricing Plan

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Of course! Experience costs for rock climbing might differ depending on a number of variables, including location, kind of climb, length, and guided vs. unguided options. Here is an example of a price structure you may use for your website including adventure activities

Guided Outdoor Climbing Packages

A half-day of rock climbing
Cost: ₹. 4100 for each individual
Includes: safety training, rental climbing equipment (shoes, helmet, and harness), guided climbing session.
All-Day Climbing Excursion
Cost: ₹.8000 for each individual
Included are a safety briefing, lunch, climbing gear rental, and an extended guided climbing session.

Indoor Climbing Gym Packages

Pass for a single session:
Cost: ₹. 1230 for each individual
Includes: Gear rental, initial instruction, and entry to the indoor climbing gym.
Monthly Enrollment:
Features include priority booking, member savings on equipment rentals, and unrestricted access to the indoor climbing gym.

Private Guided Climbs

Half-Day Private Guided Climb:
Cost: ₹.12300 for a single person and $100 for each extra
Includes a safety briefing, rental climbing equipment, and a customized guided climb.

Full-Day Private Guided Adventure:
Cost: ₹. 20500 per person; each extra person costs $150.
Consists of: lunch, safety briefing, climbing gear rental, extended private guided climb.

Rock Climbing Pricing Plan

Introductory Climbing Lessons
Multi-Pitch Climbing Adventures
Night Climbing Session
Nutritious Meal

Price: ₹. 15500